Lelian Zora

Experiential Healing Practitioner.

Shadow Worker.

Energy Healer.


All rounded Spiritual Coach


An intuitive + spiritual healer, Lelian is a  coach like no other.

Known for her shadow work, not only is she a practitioner in the Experiential Healing modality (EH), but Lelian also acquires the gift of energetic healing as well as inhabits clairvoyance & claircognizance capabilities. 

With all these gifts combined, it allows her the tools to service participants in ways which will see them shift+transform the shadow self with ground breaking results, in no time. So get ready for some change cos' it's gonna be one hell of a ride!

A previous victim of sexual abuse, bullying & neglect, Lelian had learned to overcome her obstacles which she faced in her daily challenges, through much internal shadow work, addressing her traumas by becoming larger than her environment.


Looking to heal by attending sessions with counsellors, hypnotherapists & psychologists, she was hungry for answers that she was yet to find. 
Until the universe delivered an opportunity in the form of a trip of a lifetime to London where she was to learn, grow & heal through the studies of various healing methods. 

Walking the talk, she found what her soul was looking for. 
And when she found it, she knew she couldn't go back. 
Now that she had the answers, she felt it was her duty to share all that she had learnt by spreading her new found teachings to as many people as she can reach.

She said to herself "if I can do this, then so can others"

Since then, it has become her mission to heal others who were on a similar path, on a global scale. 

Working with Lelian, she nurtures and aids you in your organic growth by encouraging you to step into your own power & authenticity as her aim for you is to live a life of liberation, free of co-dependancy so that you may turn to the light that sines so brightly within.


To create the new after all, one must be rid of the old.

Lelian will guide you through various techniques, designed to help you drop old behavioural patterns which are no longer in alignment with the highest version of your divine self by working on releasing energetic blockages (present life, past life &/or ancestral timelines) through clearing & re-programming of the subconscious mind. 

Not only will you gain new insightful awarenesses around your programming (self limiting beliefs) but there will also be plenty of room for self discovery, on a much deeper level, to be had, allowing you the space to re-create your identity to whatever is in your hearts desire-the sky is the limit. 


Add progressive & strategic goal setting to the equation, not only do you  have a POWERFUL transformation of the mind+body+soul but also a new found spirit that would enable you to change your internal=external through pro-active action orientated planning. 


So let’s dig deep, lift & shift of all that no longer serves! The question is, are you ready to delve deep & explore?...


Don't take our word for it! Have a read of the testimonials below and find what people thought about working with Lelian after just ONE session..


Lelian is wonderful! She is very intuitive, very caring and a has an overall great vibe to work off of/with. Lilly is a good spiritual coach because she tailors her approach to each client separately, weighing what's most important for each. Unlike some therapists, who just listen and write down notes, she speaks to you. She tells you information she thinks relevant, from a psychological point of view, then the spiritual one, and the psychic. She gives you knowledge about yourself, the 'hows' and the 'whys', and ways to fix it. She is tactful but blunt when needed. Just in one session she opened my eyes about a lot that I was unaware of, and told me how to fix it (which will take a year or over, of course, and will require a lot of work from my side). She also gave me a sense of hope, somehow, and a feeling like someone cares about me and believes in me. Highly recommend Lelian to be your spiritual coach.

— Anna Kolosova,