The Connected Collective is an online platform created to keep the Tribe's Mental & Spiritual well-being in tact, ESPECIALLY in times as difficult as these.

The Pandemic has seen a majority of the population suffer from depression and mental illnesses as the average human has been forced to experience isolation in times of emotional & mental need. 

We are a collaborative species, thriving when we are in nourishing connection through community. 

When the link breaks, we suffer as a result of disconnection as it feels we have been separated from Self. 

Connected Collective maintains this much needed sense of connection through a soul-nourishing container of love as we journey together to reach breakthroughs & disassemble any barriers that are keeping us away from the True Self. 

This is an online subscription (I like to see it as a gym for the soul) that has weekly group offerings such as Monday Meditations, collective card readings, sharing circles & many more to help you maintain balance as together, we're consciously working on inner transformation. 


Because this path does not have to be so isolating. When we build foundations together,



Image by Shoeib Abolhassani

Connected Collective


Offerings & inclusions


1- Monday Meditations


2- Weekly Collective Card Read


3- Weekly Breathwork


4- Weekly Fortnightly Sharing Circles


5- New Moon Manifestation Ceremony


6- Full Moon Emotional Release 


7- Monthly Masterclass/Workshop 


8- Monthly Group Energy Healing 

9- Early Release Access to Podcast

When purchased individually, this could cost anywhere between 
$200-$530 a WEEK
(depending on workshops & events hosted that week).

However, my intent on this offering is to build a community and tribe that is there to not only support one another but also help each other grow in times as difficult as these, which is why I consider this to be a passion project & am offering it for

ONLY $50

a week, when purchasing a subscription to the Connected Collective. 

Together, we'll be connecting as we shift & transition into the best aspects of ourselves. 

There are so many added benefits to joining in the collective as I will be constantly adding more workshops with more guests jumping on board & goodies as we go!

It's sooo good that you can't afford NOT to come!

So! If you're feeling the pull but still unsure, don't be afraid to reach out & have a chat!

I promise I won't bite...