Image by Mark Tegethoff

Moon Circles

Every Fortnight 

(New Moon or on Full Moon)

ONLINE until further notice 



As the tides rise to the surface every full moon, so too do our emotions. 

This is why it's a good idea to use this time to reflect & introspect into areas of our lives that need shifting as too often, we find ourselves being held back from our fullest potential.  
Which is why working with the cycles of the moon is good practice to keep an active overview of your life & make adjustments where needed, rather than having to wait for a "crisis" in order to create the change that our soul desires.

The Full Moon ceremonies are akin to workshops, allowing us space for a deep dive into our unconscious mind as we let go & release the burdens of the months gone past with the collective tribe. 

This is a great workshop if you: 

• Want to release emotions & burdens you may be carrying from months past

• Want to understand why your life is showing up the way it is 

• Bring awareness to your patterns & how to break those cycles of limiting beliefs

• Bring Self-Awareness to your everyday life 

Too often, attending one of these Full Moon workshops ends up in breakthroughs as attendees from the past have at times, seen instant shifts & changes in their immediate lives. 


Unlike the Full Moon, the New Moon is a time of joy & celebration as energies have given way to a fresh start. 

If you look at the New Moon like a monthly clean slate that is there to create whatever you desire, then it is the most optimum time to get your diaries out & start manifesting as you consciously create the life you want to live. 

How often do you take the time to just step back & re-assess on a regular basis where life is at?
It's such a vital practice to put in place as it allows you to keep the overall balance of your life in check as maintenance in quality of life is key. 

The New Moon ceremonies consist of fun, play & laughter as we each tap into our inner child & create from this wonderful space. 

This is a great workshop if you: 
• Meditate 

• Want to manifest 
• Dance & let loose! 
• Connect with your Tribe