Card Readings is a form of divination & a visual method that aids with tapping into your psyche. 

The way I personally like to view Tarot is much like a roadmap to your life. 

Where your life is currently at, what lies hidden & most of all, what we can do to better equip ourselves with better decisions so we can create a future that is within our best interest, 

The future is constantly changing with the choices we make as the path ahead is continuously unfolding and evolving as we are. 

This is one of my favourite ways to tap in and dive deep into the energetics for how life is currently showing up as it is a much gentler & fun approach to shadow work. 

It's a great way to have an overview of where you are at in life & what direction we need to head in to create the best possible outcomes available at our fingertips. 

Unlike Experiential Healing, this is a fun & light way to bring some awareness into areas of our lives that may need adjusting as we not only tap in to the psyche but also to the Spirit realm & open our ears as well as hearts to the wisdom our ancestors are waiting to whisper within our ears. 

The session generally takes 60 min & can be done remotely over Zoom. 

Image by Yeshi Kangrang

Oracle & Tarot Card Readings